The Spring/Summer league will begin on January 10, 2015 for ages U6-U14 both boys and girls. U15-U19 will begin on February 28, 2015.The league will be point based with a table of positions for each team. There will be some games that will be played boys vs. girls, for those qualifying teams.

The schedules will be flexible, depending on the following; State Cup, Cal Cup and National Cup. Games will be played once a week every Saturday or Sunday. If at any case a game is missed, the player will be required to play two games the following week. Schedules will be made available on a weekly basis. If a game needs to be cancelled, due to a tournament event, it will be the team’s responsibility to submit a request to reschedule the cancelled game for the following week.

There are 10 guaranteed games, which not include the finals and playoffs. Refunds of tournament fees and medals for the First place team is guaranteed, as well as medals for the second place players. U6-U10 will receive 12 medals, while U11-U19 will receive 18 medals.